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“As an experienced foreign language instructor myself (French) I really appreciated the full immersion program in Costa Rica. The class size was very small and the instructor used the communicative approach to teaching Spanish. The homestay experience was great because it provided an authentic environment where we practiced our new language skills. This was also a great opportunity to get to know my other colleagues outside of work.
— Caroline Goodwin (Miami, FL)

At IG Scholar, we design and facilitate experiences for mature and independent students who truly believe in the importance of global citizenship. We strive to empower participants to engage in sustainable tourism, to hold themselves accountable for their own learning, and most importantly, to welcome the process of self-discovery. Unlike larger, more conventional study abroad companies, IG Scholar focuses on three primary elements: (1) the individual participant, (2) the group as a whole, and the (3) host country. We believe in quality over quantity, so we keep our groups small  (15 or less) and our destinations are limited in order to spend time on what really counts: the actual experience. We offer programs for both private and mixed groups.

Private experiences give educators the flexibility to design their own programs using our vast network of international educators, community and business leaders, diplomats, artists, and interesting people and projects around the world. You'll quickly find that our destinations are filled with opportunities to explore and design the perfect program that fits both your students' interests and your curriculum.

At IG Scholar, we're experts at creating multidisciplinary programs. We call them "real life experiences" since essentially everything is connected. Some of the previous group-specific segments (or subtopics) that we've added to core language and cultural experiences are:

15-Day Spanish Language and Cultural Immersion in Costa Rica with a segment on "The Afro-Costa Rican Experience"

9-Day French Language Immersion and Country Homestay Experience with a segment on "The Slow Food Movement" and "Farm to Table". 

8-Day Portugal for the New Bon Vivant with "Essentially Portugal" language workshops and a segment on "Multiethnic Lisbon" 

14-Day Israel Tour and Cultural Immersion with a segment on "Street Art as a Form of Peaceful Protest"

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We also offer mixed group experiences that allow your students to join other students from North American universities. The mixed group experience is ideal for students who are independent, self-motivated, responsible, feel at home in diverse environments, and who work well others. These programs are comprised of our most popular themes and activities and are specifically designed to give each student the perfect amount of support and freedom to fully immerse themselves in the host country.

You and your students will love working with IG Scholar. As global citizens, former study abroad participants and educators ourselves, we speak everyone’s language.     

We also have professional development programs for educators.